4 Accessories to Purchase with Your Range Hood

Range hoods are essential appliances in our kitchen; they help remove smoke, odors, or even grease from our kitchen. Some benefits of installing a kitchen range hood include enhancing comfort and preventing grease and smoke from sticking on kitchen walls, cabinetry, utensils, and other appliances. A range hood also acts as a focal point in your kitchen, thus improving the overall look. 

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Therefore, when working with range hoods, it is essential to know the functions of different parts of a range hood, such as the range hood insert fan. This helps you to know when you need to call a repair professional or when you need to replace a particular part. This article looks at different accessories that you purchase with your range hood.

  1. Range Hood Insert Fan

It is also referred to as an exhaust, fits inside, and is used to power your hood.  Most of these fans measure between 28-60 inches and usually have a power of between 600-1200 cubic feet per meter (CFM). Most insert fans are ducted; however, some inserts are convertible to be ductless. 

There are various considerations to make when choosing the insert fan. Some of these considerations include power and size. You should also consider the blower type; here, you can choose the local, inline or remote blowers.

  1. Pot Filter Faucets

A port filter faucet is also called a pasta arm or kettle faucet; a water spout mounted on the wall above the stove. The purpose of this accessory is to fill water pots above the stove. It brings a lot of conveniences as you don’t have to use the sink faucet. Other advantages of this accessory are improving your kitchen’s aesthetics and preventing lots of spilling because you are more likely to drop the pot if you use it to fill in the sink faucet.

  1. Remote Blowers

A remote blower is a box containing a motor, filter, and ventilator used to ventilate the air from the stove. The blower is located outside and is connected to the range hood using the ducts running through the wall. 

It can also be located deep in the walls. One of the benefits of using remote blowers is their effectiveness, especially when doing heavy-duty cooking. The blower you choose should be compatible with the range hood insert fan.

  1. A Recirculating Kit

A recirculating or ductless conversion kit is an accessory used to convert a ducted range hood into a ductless range hood. It consists of charcoal filters and a stainless steel vent; to use it, you just install the kit over your range hood vent to recirculate the air back into the kitchen.


It is essential to understand the functions of different parts and accessories of a kitchen range hood so that you can know when to replace a particular part or when to call a professional. Some range hood accessories include the range hood insert fan, pot filler faucets, remote blowers, and the recirculating kit.

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