Apple Brandy Calvados

There are many different alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks around the world. You can taste them anytime and anywhere today because of our modern technologies and vast supply chain. though some of them taste better during a special season in specific countries, which produce them. We are going to share some interesting facts about apple brandy Calvados. Brandy is an old drink. Many old taverns used to order brandy and proceed with gambling or playing cards. If you enjoy gambling then grab some brandy and test your luck at real money online casino Canada and win your jackpot. 

A True Calvados

Apple brandy Calvados (calvados) is a strong alcoholic drink based on fruits, usually apples, as well as pears. One of the varieties of de vie is French brandy. Calvados is obtained by double distillation of cider. It is the result of the fermentation of apples.

Real Calvados is made only in Normandy, in the northwest of France, famous for its orchards. Apple brandies made in other countries cannot be called Calvados.

The best Calvados has always been put on par with the best cognacs, although it has not yet received the same worldwide fame. True, the French give this a simple and elegant explanation: they send cognac for export and keep Calvados for themselves.

Normandy is an apple country. Its humid, cool climate is ideal for apple trees, and there are more than 9 million of them. For the production of cider, from which, after distillation, Calvados is obtained, 150 varieties of apples are specially bred.

There is no single-varietal Calvados. The unique bouquet of Calvados is obtained due to the fact that sweet, bitter, bitter-sweet and sour varieties of apples are mixed in certain proportions. Sweet usually 40% give the drink sugar and alcohol. Bitter and bittersweet also 40% are responsible for tannins. Sour usually 20% provides acidity and freshness. Moreover, apple trees are immediately planted in such a way that the desired ratio is obtained. And the varieties are mixed when they are harvested.

Historical Notes

 It is believed that cider in France was the first to be made in the 11th century by the Vikings. They captured the north of the country. Even then, there were luxurious gardens, and the Vikings began to make mash from apples, not juice or jam. Over time, they learned to distill the mash into apple brandy which is eau de vie des Pommes or water of life from apples. The first known written mention of it dates back to 1553 and belongs to Gilles de Goubertville. A small-scale nobleman described in his diary the process of obtaining apple brandy by distilling cider. Approximately in 1600, a corporation of apple brandy producers was founded. Later received official status. In the 19th century, the term Calvados began to be used, after the name of one of the departments created by the French Revolution. The etymology of this word, however, is more complex. One of the ships of the “Invincible Armada” of the Spanish King Philip II was the ship “El Calvador” 1588 ran aground off the coast of Normandy. It is believed that he gave the name of the area, and then the drink.