Benefits of Carbon Fiber Footwear

Whether you are a seasoned runner or new to the sport, you have probably heard the hype around carbon-plated running shoes. Nike developed the first pair of carbon-plated running shoes. These shoes have a carbon fiber plate in their sole. According to the first manufacturers, the carbon fiber plate reduces the energy a user spends by about 4%. However, many disputed them as a ploy by Nike to make money. However, in recent years, all runners seem to be rushing to get a pair. Furthermore, almost all running shoe brands have developed versions of the carbon fiber plate running shoe. Below are some of the benefits runners enjoy from wearing carbon fiber plate running shoes:

They save energy

Studies and tests have proven that carbon-plated footwear saves energy. The carbon fiber plate runs the full shoe length, reducing toe bending motion. The stiffness of the toe joints promoted by the carbon fiber plate saves energy with each step. Furthermore, the plate enhances your return energy. The return energy is required to take another step after each stride. The carbon plate in the running shoe propels you to move forward faster by storing more than 85% return energy. This is about 30% to 45% of what conventional running shoes offer.

They offer enhanced speed

The carbon plate inside these running shoes weighs less than conventional running shoes. Their lightweight nature offers improved speed. Furthermore, the carbon plate helps propel you forward with each stride. A study suggests that this fact helps enhance your running speed. Additionally, the carbon plate provides stability for the feet and the toes. Doing so allows you to maintain a steady momentum when running. All these elements can help with your speed.

It is also worth mentioning that running shoes gained global popularity in 2019 when the famous and highly awarded Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon barrier in a solo race in Vienna. Something that other runners noted about his run is that he wore carbon-plated running shoes. Most people attribute his historical record-breaking moment to the benefits of carbon-plated running shoes. Some argue that the shoes offer an unfair advantage to runners because they increase speed. However, there are no rules or regulations against their use in competitions. Therefore, more runners are sprinting towards carbon-plated running shoes.

Enhanced support and stability

The carbon fiber plate inserted in the sole of running shoes provides extra stiffness. The stiffness improves the level of ankle support the shoe provides. The stability in the toe and ankle joints reduces the load on the calf muscles, which prevents injuries and promotes comfort while running. However, the stability and support elements are not standard for all carbon-plated footwear. Other elements like the material and construction influence these elements.

Injury prevention

A study found that carbon-plated running shoes reduce the probability of injuries while running. The carbon fiber plate places added effort on the back of the foot, which prevents injuries. Other benefits, like stability and support, also help with injury prevention. Proper support prevents your feet from rolling in and getting injured.

They help facilitate tempo runs

A tempo run, also known as a threshold, is a sustained effort run that helps build your body’s ability to run faster for longer. It usually involves maintaining a pace of about 30 seconds per mile, slower than the typical speed, so you do not develop fatigue faster. This running technique also helps keep you from slowing down or plateauing during a race. Carbon-plated running shoes are great for tempo runs. These shoes allow you to feel more thrust on your feet. Doing so gives you a more receptive feel of the forefoot, which is great for a tempo run.


It is worth mentioning that the benefits offered by carbon fiber footwear may differ depending on the brand, construction, and type. Not All carbon-plated running shoes are equal. Therefore, it would be wise to consider the qualities of the carbon plate running shoes in relation to the benefits when choosing the right pair. Some of the qualities to consider are; cushioning, material type, durability, and price. The reviews of the shoes are also worth considering as they will give you a clearer picture of what to expect from the products.

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