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A healthy lifestyle has long ceased to be associated only with proper nutrition and sports. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is a way of thinking with which a person chooses to live.

For those who have decided to embark on the path of health and longevity, we will talk about the principles, features and benefits of living according to healthy principles. The basis of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy mind, and for this it is important to be able to relax and calm down. Your favorite entertainment can help you with this – for example, play online roulette.

What is healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle? Each person interprets it differently. For example, it can be a rejection of bad habits, yoga, porridge in the morning, evening jogging, meditation.

In general, a healthy lifestyle is a set of actions that contribute to the strengthening of physical and psychological health, as well as the elimination of factors that cause harm to well-being and the body. It could be:

  • A balanced diet (no habit of eating stress, understanding the needs of one’s own body, a varied diet);
  • Sports activities;
  • Timely access to doctors;
  • Disease prevention (testing, scheduled diagnostics);
  • Absence of bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • Maintaining a balance between sleep and rest;
  • Sleep at least 7-9 hours;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Low stress levels, as well as the ability to cope with it;
  • Psychological and emotional stability.

Motivation and discipline play an important role. Writer Jim Rohn once said, “Motivation is where you start. A habit is what keeps you going.” But how not to abandon the goal at the stage of its inception?

One option is to change the habit slowly, almost imperceptibly. The “1% rule” can help you with this, which says: get better by 1% at a time. For example, you are a night owl, you like to sleep until 11 o’clock in the afternoon, but you want to fix it. Agree, when you hear the sound of an alarm clock at 8 in the morning the next morning, you immediately turn it off, because your body is simply not ready to wake up. Therefore, it will be much more effective to wake up 5 minutes earlier, and then add this time every 1-2 days. So, in a week you will already be able to easily get up at 10:30, and after 3 weeks – at 9:00. Thus, we deceive our brain, whose neurons do not like change, and create the right soil for the formation of a new habit.

Also, the right environment will serve as a powerful impetus to achieve the goal. An interesting study on this topic was conducted in the UK, which studied the behavior of married couples in relation to a healthy lifestyle. It turned out that if one of the partners introduces a useful habit into his life (for example, running in the morning), then in the near future the second partner joins this.

In addition, being accountable to others for your performance increases your chances of reaching your goal by as much as 95 percent! This is evidenced by data from the American Association for Training and Development.

Healthy lifestyle benefits

A healthy lifestyle is, perhaps, one of the main investments that every person should learn how to handle. According to the survey, people who have changed even a small part of their habits in a healthier direction noted the strengthening of immunity, improved well-being, the appearance of additional strength, tone and energy.

In addition, constant adherence to this rhythm can lead to impressive results:

  • Weight control;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Strengthening immunity;
  • Stabilization of the nervous system;
  • Improving mental abilities;
  • Reducing the frequency of colds and relapses of chronic pathologies;
  • The desire to achieve goals;
  • Improvement in the sexual sphere;
  • Increasing self-esteem by transforming the physical form and quality of the skin;
  • Achieving active and high-quality longevity.

A healthy lifestyle is a journey, not an end goal. Some people come to him for many years. However, it is important to understand that no cigarette, bottle of wine, or bag of chips can make you happy. And without good health it is difficult to be a happy person.

If you want to start following the rules of a healthy life, we advise you to start with simple steps: go to bed before 12 at night, sleep at least 8 hours a day, review your diet, eliminating harmful foods from it. In addition to the physical components, it is very important to monitor your emotional state, avoiding stress. If you feel that you cannot cope with this task on your own, we strongly recommend that you contact psychologists. Specialists will not only help you understand yourself, but also give working techniques to deal with negative and stressful situations.

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