Is Free WordPress Development A Good Deal?

‍In the highly competitive world of website development, free services are few and far between. If a company is offering its services for free, there’s usually a catch. In the case of free WordPress development, there are almost always strings attached. The question you need to ask yourself is: Are the pros of free wordpress website development service worth the cons? There are several reasons why a company might offer their services for free: They could be building brand awareness, gathering intel on small businesses that they can later sell their services to at an inflated price, or they could be looking to gather email addresses from those who respond to their offer to sell them something down the line. It is for these reasons that you must take any “free” service with a grain of salt. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad news…

Things to Look Out For In Free WordPress Development

– Support – If you use a free WordPress developer, you will have to rely on forums and online communities to solve any issues you might have with your website. This can often lead to a lot of wasted time, or an inability to find the right solution, which can be incredibly frustrating.

– Longer Timescale – Since free WordPress development isn’t a profitable business model, companies offering free services often have much longer waiting times to accommodate for the fact that they’re not generating any profit from their work. This can leave you waiting for months on end for your website to be developed.

– Disregard For Your Business – Free WordPress development, like any other free service, is often offered by people who don’t care about your business. They may not understand your target market or your business goals. This can result in a sub-par website that does little to generate leads or create brand awareness.

– Services Out Of Your Control – When you sign up for free WordPress hosting, you are putting your business in the hands of the host. When using a free WordPress development service, you’re putting your business in the hands of the developer. If either of these parties decides to stop offering their services or shut down, you will have no way of migrating your website, which can lead to huge losses in income.

Free Hosting Should Be The Last Priority

Hosting is one of the most important aspects of website development, yet it’s often given little attention by those who offer free WordPress development. As a general rule of thumb, any host that offers a free service is likely to be less secure and reliable than one that requires payment.

– Website hosts that offer a free service generally make their money from the sale of marketing materials, services, and subscriptions. Those free hosting packages that promise “unlimited” bandwidth, for example, usually come with a catch, such as extremely low page load speeds, or bandwidth caps that can render your website inaccessible during high traffic periods.

– If a host offers you a free website, but asks you to place a large banner or link to their service on your website, be wary. This is often a sign that they aren’t confident enough in their service to sell it without attaching a string.

Unlicensed Developers

Free WordPress development is often offered by unlicensed developers. This can result in your website being shut down by the authorities.

– If a developer offers you a free website, and asks you to sign a binding contract, it’s unlikely that they are a legitimate business. This is usually because it’s difficult to purchase the necessary insurance to build a website for a client without receiving payment upfront.

– If a developer doesn’t require a contract, or a down payment of some kind, this is a huge red flag. If they are unlicensed and don’t require payment, it’s unlikely they have any reputability or any intention of completing your website.

Limited Functionality Or Features

While most free WordPress hosting services will give you a functional website, it may be very basic in terms of functionality. If you need something a little more complex, however, you run the risk of being shut out.

– When you sign up for a free website hosting service, you’re signing up for a service that has no contractual obligations to you. While they may promise you a certain level of functionality, they have no responsibility to keep their word.

– When you sign up for free WordPress development, you have no legal recourse if the developer doesn’t keep their end of the bargain. You have no way to hold them accountable for their actions or force them to keep their promise.

No Quality Assurance Or Code Reviews

Quality assurance is an important part of every business, whether it’s website development or something else entirely. When you use free WordPress development services, you are unlikely to receive any quality assurance testing.

– While a developer may create a perfectly functional website for you, quality assurance testing is an important part of the development process. It ensures that your website works in all browsers, and on all devices, and that there are no errors in the code that could cause your site to break down in the future.

– When you sign up for free WordPress development, you won’t get any code reviews. This means that you won’t know if the developer has used proper code, or if they have mistakenly deleted or modified a line of code that could cause your website to break down in the future.