Everything To Know About A One-Hitter

One-hitter is ideal if you’re looking for discreet smoking pipes. They are tiny smoking pipes that can be hidden easily and carried around in your pockets, making them highly portable. Additionally, they only allowed a limited quantity of flowers in their pipe. Due to this small amount, the odor produced while smoking is less. Here’s a comprehensive guide on one-hitters. From understanding their working to how to clean one hitter, you’ll know everything you need to know before you take your first hit. 

What Is A One-Hitter

A one-hitter is a pocket-sized smoking device that allows you to pack any flower of choice. It is designed to enable you to inhale the entire hit and only exhale the smoke. Since it exhausts all the bloom, it doesn’t keep burning, unlike traditional blunts. Thus, it doesn’t produce any other smell apart from the smoke you’ve exhaled, making it discrete. 

Moreover, since it’s a smoking pipe, you no longer need to carry rolling paper or hemp wraps to make a blunt. It avoids the risk of dropping the flower and makes smoking easier and faster. All you need to do is pack any ground flower of your choice and light it up before you smoke it. 

They are ideal for those looking to conserve their stash and are perfect if you want to reduce your consumption. Further, since you can control its amount, you’ll likely waste less with a one-hitter, making it a highly cost-effective investment in the long run. 

How To Use A One-Hitter

It is the most straightforward smoking tool you can ever encounter. It consists of a smoking pipe with a tiny bowl at the end to pack your flower, and all it takes is four simple steps to enjoy your hit. 

  1. Just grind your flower of choice into small particles.
  2. Then, pack it into the bowl of a clean one-hitter. Pack the flower well, not too loose that it falls out and not too tight, so it doesn’t let air flow through the pipe. Note that if you’ve got a straight-tube one-hitter, you’ll need to pack it vertically. If your one-hitter got a bowl to the side, you could fill the flower right into the bowl while laying it on its side. 
  3. Light it and inhale the hit.
  4. Exhale the smoke and tap out the ash. 

Know How To Clean It

Now the question is how to clean one hitter. Continue reading if you want to know about it. One of the excellent ways to ensure that you’re both safe and getting a good trip is by keeping your one-hitter cleaner. Make sure to empty it after every use and dust off the ash well. Use a cleaning tool to effectively scrape the bowl to remove any debris or ash from building up.

Further, make sure to deep clean your one-hitter regularly. You must wash it down to remove any dirt and disinfect it, and it will prevent oil, resins, and bacteria from building up in the pipe. 

Use some water and cleaning fluid to dissolve all the impurities and clean the inside of the pipe wall. You can even use a small brush to give it a good rub. Make sure to be gentle while doing it. Don’t let the surface crack, or the corroded particles can enter your airway while you’re taking a hit and cut or injure you deeply. Also, make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the one-hitter before you store it. 

Final Words

One-hitter is the most convenient smoking accessory on the market. Their small size and ease of use make them a resounding success in the smoking community. Be sure to learn how to clean one-hitter to keep yourself safe.