How to Use Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tool  

LinkedIn lends a helping hand to the salesperson, recruiter, marketer, or entrepreneur in building a marketing funnel for the businesses. Crafting tailored strategies to the platform maximize the reach and opens the doors for potential customers to build a giant brand Social Media Management Services. 

To this, Linkedin automation comes into the frame and automates the tedious chores to skyrocket conversions. It is executed by automating Linkedin with the appropriate automation tools. Dripify, among all Linkedin automation tools, is a one-stop solution specifically designed to deliver best-of-breed results to all-size businesses.  

So, before jumping ahead to automate the processes, it’s important to comprehend the effective ways of using Dripify. It is because the unsafe use of any automation tool can damage the brand image Search Engine Optimization Services.  

So, let’s learn how to use the Dripify automation tool effectively: 

Identify the Business Goals 

It is better to understand the business prospects an entrepreneur wants to accomplish with Dripify. Will Dripify meet the current needs or not? For instance, before investing, consider an entrepreneur wants to: 

  • Generate Business Leads 
  • Foster relationships with followers 
  • Expand Business Network 
  • Run Business Campaigns 
  • Boost Brand Awareness 

Send Attention-Grabbing Messages to First-Degree Connections 

Once the business needs are known, businesses can run the campaigns on Linkedin and send personalized messages to the first-degree connections on the Linkedin automation platform. The automation tools help salespersons send messages to a personalized audience using search filters. In this way, it can save time and attract a specific sector audience. 

Dripify Outreaches Goals 

Dripify, an autopilot, helps businesses to close more prospecting deals. Entrepreneurs can set up and handle the sales funnels in minutes, even if the device is switched off as it is on cloud servers. Salespersons can easily export the Linkedin contacts to CSV and build a network by automating the processes to grow the brand.  

Set Up an Automation Campaign 

Entrepreneurs can keep goals and targeted audiences in mind and set up an automation campaign. A perfectly created automation campaign can attract the targeted area you want to boost in terms of business goals. 

What are LinkedIn automation tools? 

Linkedin automation tools or Linkedin automation software automate various tasks, including connecting, endorsing, and messaging on the entrepreneur’s behalf to close more deals.  

Entrepreneurs can automatically send connection requests, follow-up messages and messaging connections, and more. However, doing all these activities can be time-consuming and difficult with humanized experience.  

Linkedin automation tools help you focus on additional things to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Moreover, it can help the entrepreneurs to: 

  • Create better campaigns. 
  • Run personalized campaigns.  
  • Help you create other campaigns with other marketing tools. 

Why use Dripify LinkedIn automation tool? 

Dripify is the most advanced prospecting and LinkedIn lead generation tool designed to help the sales team to convert leads to potential customers. As a result, businesses can focus on their tasks, and Dripify, on the other hand, can create drip campaigns to boost the marketing channels on the Linkedin network.  

Some reasons to choose Dripify over other automation tools include: 

Optimizes Profile 

Dripify creates an active presence on the Linkedin network. The automation tool inhibits valuable content and helps the profile to appear in the search results. In addition, it optimizes the profile and sets the sales funnels in a few minutes to attract an audience to your profile. 

Develop Leads and Sales 

Reaching an audience with the manual processes can be a challenging thing. So, Dripify allows businesses to generate leads by automating processes that would have been impossible otherwise with manual processes. It boosts visibility on the Linkedin platform, connects to people, and helps businesses grow the network. 

Create Campaigns and Sequences 

Entrepreneurs can create sequences and build campaigns with the Linkedin actions, such as setting time delays, easy-to-control panels, and more to boost the audience. 

Manage Conversations Directly 

Entrepreneurs can easily communicate with the leads, mark important conversations and keep all the starred messages in one place with Dripify. Moreover, marketers can also update the notes on lead profiles with just a few clicks.  

Human Behaviour Simulation 

From sending messages to posting content requires a lot of time manually doing the activities. Dripify allows entrepreneurs to automate actions by including button clicks and page views with random delays to make the activity look manual. In addition, with Dripify, salespersons can get a human behavior simulation. So, spending on Dripify is worth an investment. 

Keep Track of Statistics 

With Dripify, salespersons can keep an eye on connection requests, unopened lead texts, and profile views to track the statistics. In addition, the activity control feature helps the salespersons keep checking the daily connecting and messaging limits to avoid the account being flagged for excessive activity.  

Scraper to Export Important Data 

Using Dripify, LinkedIn Scraper entrepreneurs can view the leads and download the contacts to a CSV file with priceless data, including name, address, number of connections, email address, phone numbers, and position. 

Safe to Use 

Dripify is designed to conduct automated activities on a cloud-based system. Even if your system is off, you can get track of activities from the cloud. Entrepreneurs can assign the IP to the Dripify account, making it safe to use without causing any suspiciousness.  

What you can do with Linkedin automation tools? 

Automate Tasks 

Whether you are generating leads, extending the professional network, or performing a lot of daily tasks on Linkedin, doing all tasks manually can be daunting. Entrepreneurs can connect automation to linkedin and automate the tasks. It eases entrepreneurs’ shift their focus on other important things.  

Here is a list of tasks that can automate with the tools. 

  • Sending connection requests 
  • Sending follow-up messages 
  • Sending messages to people on a network 
  • Sending invitations to join a group 
  • Sending InMails 
  • Sending invitations to connect on LinkedIn 
  • Auto-visiting profiles 
  • Extracting profiles and companies 
  • Inviting people to follow the company’s page 
  • Endorsing connections 

Gain Insights of Leads 

LinkedIn automation tools keep the audience engaged by creating campaigns to target specified areas. As a result, the businesses result in receiving ready leads. Furthermore, with automation tools, entrepreneurs can simultaneously send the posts on different accounts at once and keep a check to see how many people viewed the post. In this way, salespersons can achieve insight into the leads. 

Process Leads Easily 

With Linkedin automation tools, entrepreneurs can check the details from where the leads are received, including geography, position, and more. With filters, all the details can be extracted and exported. It makes it easy for entrepreneurs to process the leads easily and convert them to potential customers. 

Save Time and Money  

With automation tools, it becomes easy for marketers to send automated messages away from the desk. As a result, it saves the entrepreneurs’ time and engages the audience faster without any human interaction. Moreover, without spending much on lead generation, the salesperson can do their job in less time.  

Receiving ready leads 

The lead generation tools define the goal for a campaign by selecting the targeted audience. To accomplish this, invitation requests and follow-up messages are sent a few days after sending the requests. It results in giving interested people ready leads to the entrepreneurs. 

Tips to Automate Linkedin Tasks 

Here are some safety tips to follow to mitigate the risk factors. 

Start Scaling Gradually 

Automating a profile suddenly can be viewed as suspicious behavior by linkedin. Therefore, it is advised to start scaling profiles gradually, sending 30-40 invites daily for a week or over. Once this pattern is followed, the salesperson can increase it to 50 and above. 

Mimic a Human Behaviour 

The accounts that impulsively boost connections are recognized suspicious by Linkedin. It is considered that it is done by an automation tool increases the risk of getting the account restricted. Therefore, avoiding sending too many requests and posting content more often is recommended. Moreover, a pattern that is possible with humans must be followed. 

Delete Unaccepted Invites 

Unaccepting the invites and sending spam messages is a sign that it is sent unintentionally without knowing them. It violates the terms of linkedin. Try to delete the unaccepted invites and send personalized messages to the audience with something in common. 

Monitor the Campaign 

Check the metrics to calculate the overall performance of the campaign. If the desired results don’t match, one can try new metrics in the campaign. 

Set the Linkedin Limit and Stay Active 

Set a maximum limit on the automation tool so it can mimic human behavior. It reduces the chances of getting restricted and saves time. Moreover, salespersons should stay active on the profile and not rely completely on automation tools. 

Wrapping Up 

Linkedin automation tools allow marketers and businesses to maintain an active presence over the network by prospecting the business goals. It helps marketers and businesses to capture more visitors, unlike Linkedin bots, for better conversion rates.  

Dripify being the Linkedin autopilot features the tools to automate the day-to-day tasks by expanding the network without risking the profile. One can easily access the performance ad analyze daily statistics of the campaigns. Learn how to safely use the Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tool to mitigate the risks of getting banned or restricted on LinkedIn.