RELEX Solutions Raised €500M in funding at a €5 Valuation

relex solutions ai 500m 5b

In the Blackstone-led funding round, RELEX Solutions raised an amount of €500 million. The company is now valued at €5 billion as per The fresh investment is aimed at helping the retailers and brands avoid food waste as well as allowing them to tackle disruptions in global supply chains. RELEX Solutions offers data-driven software that optimizes and automated the supply chain, merchandising and operational decisions for the retailers.  

RELEX Solutions which provides unified retail planning solutions is planning to hire a pool of talented developers and experts with an intent to grow its technical team. However, its team already stands out with over 400 extraordinary employees. The hypergrowth company employs over 1,300 people globally.  

The Retail Platform offered by RELEX is AI-driven and cloud-based that can assist retailers and brands in reducing waste as well as costs by automating the manual work. The automation can optimize demand planning and improve merchandising, supply chain, or workforce planning. Cutting-edge technology is a must-have in rapidly changing times. In the current market, consumer demand is fragmented. Hence, the new sales have to be automated to fulfill channels and supply chain disruption. This is when RELEX Solutions comes into the picture and helps retailers and brands move fast. It navigates the path and helps them find new ways to meet consumer needs in an effective and affordable way.      

Paul Morrissey who leads European investing for Blackstone Growth said that they have spent a lot of time retail and supply chain planning the market. Having followed RELEX for a significant time, the investors are positive about the company’s capital, expertise, and global network. As per Paul, the measurable ROI of RELEX has the potential to deliver to their customers in minimalistic time. He further added that Blackstone is expecting expansion in the number of products it can offer its customers.                                       

The estimated food waste accounts for 8-10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Out of this 13% is generated by retailers. This is what makes the rise of regulations and corporate initiatives to reduce waste a must. RELEX Solutions is a key partner for companies that are planning to reach sustainability goals without compromising the customer experience. RELEX impacts every stage of the supply chain and enables cost savings for retailers and brands. The company will continue to offer fresher food products and reduce the risk of household food waste in the future.

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