All About Decks: What Materials To Use & What Style To Choose

All homeowners should have a deck where they can relax, party, or play. And to start a deck project, you’ll have to contact a Deck builders Summerville SC group first.

The initial thing deck builders will ask you is what material and style you have in mind. However, not everyone knows that much about those two.

That’s why to help you learn a bit about decks, here are some of the commonly preferred materials and styles used for decking:

3 Commonly Used Materials For Decks

1. Wood

Most of the decks are made with wood because it’s durable and adds an extra aesthetic to the space.

Wood decks can be built from a wide variety of wood, but the most popular options are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated lumber.

  • Redwood

In almost every aspect, redwood is the best decking material. It is straight as an arrow and has heartwood that doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals to fight wood-boring insects and the elements.

The heartwood of this tree has a very earthy fragrance and a reddish-brown color.

In comparison to treated wood, it is far less prone to cup and warp due to its great stability. It is also highly regarded because of its low shrinking rate, which reduces the likelihood of splitting.

  • Cedar

The usage of cedar for decking and siding dates back many years.

Cedar is a more aesthetically pleasing wood option due to its uniform grain and deep color tones, which result in a lovely finish after sanding, staining, and treating.

It is also a long-lasting wood that does not absorb much moisture, so it does not bend or split and is resistant to decay, deterioration, and pest infestations.

  • Pressure-Treated Wood

Although it doesn’t have the durability of redwood or cedar, pressure-treated wood is readily accessible and inexpensive throughout the United States.

Due to its durability and the fact that it is often concealed by deck flooring, it is widely used by deck builders.

As you can see, wood options are not just generally lumber. Based on your preferences, you can choose which type of wood you prefer to use for your deck.

2. Composite

Composite decking is used as an alternative to traditional wooden decks. It combines plastic with wood fibers for construction. As a result, it is protected from decay and aging and looks almost identical to real wood.

Composite decks appear just like wood decks after they are finished, making it a good way to create the illusion of wooden decks.

3. PVC

PVC decking is long-lasting, won’t decay or fade, and can be recycled forever. Choosing this route will save you money. However, one downside is it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as wood or composite.

Another thing, it’s important to exercise caution in sunny or very hot locations since with PVC, as you may well know, heat may cause the plastic to melt.

Now that you have an idea of the materials you can use for your decking, it’s time to talk about styles.

4 Common Deck Styles

1. Wraparound Deck

Similar to a traditional wraparound porch, a wraparound deck completely encircles its space. Sections of it could be more spacious, irregular, and room-like than a porch. Wraparound decks are often built on a modest slope.

2. Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-level decks are well suited to properties with hills or other undulations, which you likely have. You’ll just be constructing a single story, but it will be at the same height as your home’s existing doors.

The next level, up or down, is a flat deck area accessible through a set of stairs. Several tiers of varying heights might be built for various purposes.

The only downside is that compared to smaller decks, this kind is often more expensive to build.

3. Attached deck

Attached decks are like patios; the only difference is that they’re often constructed from wood or composite decking rather than concrete. It is joined to the rear of a home in an L or U form and is somewhat elevated.

4. Detached Deck

A detached deck is a great option for those who have a big yard but limited space for an attached deck. This is an elevated walkway that leads to a deck that floats above the ground. Putting in one of these decks is a great way to make otherwise unusable parts of your property more functional.

You’re free to adjust the size of your detachable platform to suit your needs. Because of this, it’s perfect for those who have modest budgets and/or living spaces at home.

Your dream deck can be possible with the right contractors, such as Pro Deck Builders Charleston.